Learning to Draw All that You See (Beginner & Intermediate)

Instructor: Ann Marie Dalis

March Drawing Classes

Wednesday 10am-12noon

March 1 – Symmetrical drawing – make a Lebanese kite with a bug drawn on it.  The kite will fly and you will have one leg up on visiting children who need to go fly a kite!

March 8 – Line and Value – practice utilizing line and value to draw found vegetation. Print vegetation using a printing plate and make multiple copies of your design.

March 15 – Keep your thoughts together – First part of class we will make a stab-binded sketchbook and then we will draw and collage on it.

March 22 – Gesture and contour drawing – Practice gesture drawing and get a grip on contour drawing.


$110 Members

$120 Non-Members

$30 Drop-In