MARCH 6 - MAY 1, 2017


Glynn Visual Arts Presents
an exciting new juried exhibition that features local
and regional artist's work showcasing their unique
interpretations of our beautiful coastal surroundings.

Opening Reception
Thursday, March 9th
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Glynn Visual Arts
106 Island Drive
Saint Simons Island, GA 31522


Water Works

Oct. 2 - Nov. 10, 2017

Mother Nature on the Move

Members & Instructors Exhibition

Aug. 21 - Oct. 2, 2017



A Three-Dimensional Exhibition Featuring the Artwork of Jim Jones
and Other 3-D Artists

Three-dimensional (3-D) art is observed in terms of its height, width and depth. Conceptual art is art in which concepts or ideas are communicated through unique and often metaphorical use of time, space, materials and imagery, inviting the viewer to do more than just take the casual, off-handed glance. It invites viewers to think and ask questions. What is the artist attempting to communicate? Why this material, why this juxtaposition, why this size, why this image, why this color...? In this new exhibition at Glynn Visual Arts, the 3-D work of Jim Jones will make you think.

Local artist, Jim Jones is both a dedicated conservator and a lifelong hunter-gatherer, Jones’ sculptural efforts to focus upon the darker side of nature, in which evolutionary fact sometimes becomes mixed with anthropomorphic allusion, in a cornucopia of life forms gone wrong. An uncomfortable relationship between man and beast and suggestions of man’s beastly behavior, suffuse these works with an intrinsic strength of expression that is, at times, too close for comfort. Shadows sometimes suggested in Jones’ paintings become real as life in the three dimensions of his sculptural works. http://www.jimjonesart.com/

Spatial Concepts Exhibition
January 3 – 31, 2017

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 5, 2017

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Glynn Visual Arts
106 Island Drive
Saint Simons Island. GA 31522

SAMBAS a retrospective by Raymond Dumas III

July 24 - Aug. 21, 2017