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First Tuesday of the Month

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Community of Hope’s Brunswick Mural Project

Glynn Visual Arts and others in the arts community are partnering
with Coastal Area Community Action to create murals in downtown


What is the Community of Hope?

Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services selected Brunswick as one of a limited number of sites
statewide to create community-specific models to address critical issues such as:•Improving educational attainment for vulnerable young people
•Increasing the awareness of trauma informed practices
•Improving the quality of caregiving
•Strengthening individuals and families to become economically self-sufficient
and developing stable homes where children are safe and secure

The Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority has been awarded a $125,000 seed grant to start a Community of Hope in Brunswick. They will bring community partners together at the old Risley High School on Albany Street to create a ground-breaking hub for related children’s and family services.

The arts will be a foundational part of our new Community of Hope, because arts education is seen as essential to healthy human development and a healthy community. An arts sub-committee created through Glynn Visual Arts will integrate arts programming with the educational, mental health and social services offered at Risley. The first step: A community mural project.

Why Art? Why Murals?

Something powerful happens when public art enters a community. When artists and the community
come together to create art that reflects a community’s history, aspirations, dreams, and
local culture, the community responds with recognition and pride. It is a beautiful thing.

Art ignites change that can uplift all people, and Brunswick is ripe for this type of change and community building. Simply put, art is good for our community.

“While the end products — the works of public art — are always beautiful, their deeper value lies in the conversations we create, the connections we build, and the legacy of relationships
we foster along the way, often with transformative results…”
“The experience of art moves us from the everyday into the realm of possibility…”

-- Arlene Goldbard, Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

How Can You Help?

Donate to offset costs or sponsor a mural!

Sponsorship Levels

$5,000 – Gold
•Your name on the building noted as sponsor

•Recognition at Mural dedication events

•Your name included in all print and online promotional materials as a sponsor
$2,500 – Silver
•Recognition at Mural dedication events

•Your name included in all print and online promotional materials as a sponsor

$1,000 – Bronze

Your name included in all online promotional materials as a sponsor
$500 – Copper

•Your name included in all online promotional materials as a sponsor

We also need donations of other resources, materials and more…

Our Goal - Six Murals in Six Months

Our first goal is to create “Six in Six,” six murals in six months in downtown Brunswick. We already have  secured the site locations, designs and artists. We will be working with the public schools and members of the community on some of the designs and execution of some of the murals. And we expect this project to go beyond “Six in Six” into a Phase II to include additional buildings and the Risley School itself. It’s good for the city, for economic development and tourism, for downtown and the whole community. As the community’s non-profit (501c3) community arts center, Glynn Visual Arts and the arts sub-committee for the Community of Hope are delighted to facilitate this project.