Watercolor Weekly with Catherine Hillis                              Wednesdays, May 1 – 29, 2019. 

9:30 am until noon.
Beginners – Intermediate; older teens to adults.

If you want to develop a solid foundation in transparent watercolor painting and learn how to discover your style as a painter, this class is for you.   Catherine Hillishas earned 8 signature memberships from watercolorsocieties across the country and travels extensively for national plein air competitions.  Her work is in the February 2019 issue of Plein Air Magazine. She will guide you through the basics, introduce you to new techniques in the contemporary watercolor world and coach you to become the painter you’re meant to be.  Please bring your supplies to class and bring photographs of your own copyright to paint from.  Landscapes and still life will be the subject matter. Please check out the artist’s website for information about her work:  catherinehillis.com

Watercolor Weekly with Catherine Hillis

Watercolor Techniques

Instructor: Lynn St. Clair

This class is perfect for the beginner or for someone looking to improve on their techniques.  Learning the Color Wheel is a major component of learning how to paint in any medium, and an artist should be able to recite it from beginning to end. Color mixing, beginning with the Munsell color theory, provides a student with exercises to help them achieve their desired color. Color mixing relates to every medium. The process of using certain primary pigments in order to achieve all palette colors offers an exciting learning experience .This is an ongoing class that meets on Thursday mornings.  Come learn from one the best. 

Want to know more about Lynn?  Click here to check out her website and see some of her work.

Lynn St Clair Supply List

4 classes/Monthly

Thursday, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Member:  $110

Non Member: $130

Drop in: $30

Plein Air With Catherine Hillis: Painting Water and Marshes
Watercolor Techniques with Lynn St Clair
Painting Techniques

Plein Air With Catherine Hillis:  Painting Water and Marshes   
Friday, April 19, 2019, 9:00 am until 4 pm.
Beginners – Intermediate; older teens to adults.

Learn how to paint the marshes and water surrounding the beautiful Golden Isles.  The instructor will discuss various set ups on site and equipment.  Learn how to simplify the beauty of nature into shapes and portray light. The focus will be on painting skies, water and reflections and developing atmosphere in a painting.

Catherine Hillis
has earned 8 signature memberships from watercolor societies across the country and travels extensively for national plein air competitions.  Her work was featured in the February 2019 issue of Plein Air Magazine.  Information about her national plein air travels and awards are at catherinehillis.com.

Meet at Glynn Visual Arts at 9:00 am for directions to our painting location.  In case of rain, the class will take place at GVA and students will need to bring large photographs of water and marshes they want to paint.  Demonstrations and individual coaching are a part of every workshop.


Instructor:Jennifer Broadus

Medium: Acrylic or Oil

This class is great for painters of all levels who want to learn and expand their skills in either oil or acrylic painting. Students will select subject matter and composition of their choice from still life or photographs. The course will include weekly group critiques and instructor comments.
Click here and learn more about Jennifer Broadus!

4 Classes - Monthly/Ongoing


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Member: $110

Non-member: $130
Drop-In: $35