Pinhole Photography Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Paula Eubanks

Join us at GVA for this VERY EXCITING, FUN & INFORMATIVE workshop!
No experience necessary!

Gather at GVA for an exploration of the origin of photography and the principle of physics on which it is based. Pinhole photography has captured the imagination of a growing number of contemporary artists. We will look at their work and explore what the pinhole has to offer both technically and aesthetically in the morning. After a quick quiz on darkroom use, students will use a variety of pinhole cameras for image capture. We will load these with old-fashioned photographic paper, expose and develop the negatives! We will discuss how to create a darkroom at home, how the artist decides where to point the camera and how to compose an image.

As preparation for this course students can download “Pinhole Possibilities” a book about pinhole photography by the teacher of the course. It is available in the iTunes store for FREE.

Paula Eubanks is a former university professor with degrees in both art/photography and art education. She is an artist who uses photography as her primary medium.

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Saturday, December 16
(bring lunch)
Ages 11 and up
Cost: $85 Members, $95 Non-Members

Pinhole Photgraphy