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Volunteers are the life blood of our non-profit organization.We depend on our volunteers who give generously of their time, talents and expertise to keep the arts in the forefront of our community at Glynn Visual Arts. If you are interested in volunteering please click on the links below to sign up!

GVA is grateful to have so many AWESOME people that really make things happen, from our AMAZING Board of Directors, to our members who make themselves available to help out with a myriad of projects and events, to folks who quietly donate their time and resources from wine for openings to paper products for our kitchen. It is truly an arts community with heART! There are waaaaaaay too many to name but here is a spotlight on a few of our AWESOME volunteers and supporters!

  • Sharon Greene
  • Ann Williams
  • Brenna Serby
  • Debbie Craig
  • Donna MacPherson
  • Dick Snyder
  • Barb Scragg
  • Lila Magbee
  • Sue Molnar
  • Hannah Roberts
  • Terry Morris
  • Maria Jennings
  • Dixie Baucom
  • Roger Baucom
  • Paula Eubanks
  • Betty Oliver
  • Kevin Pullen
  • Clelia Scott
  • Ron Wilson
  • Lynn Goldblatt
  • Bonnie Rabert

We are eternally grateful for these and  many others with hearts as big as the sky
& skills & talents too numerous to name!


Barb Scragg


Festival Goddess!

Sue Molnar

Former Festival Goddess!

Hannah Roberts

Former Festival Goddess!

Lila Magbee Party & Event Queen!

  • Fred Powell
  • Ann Marie Dalis
  • Leslie Aldinger
  • Tom Sweeney
  • Pam Roseman
  • Leigh Kirkland
  • Jennifer Broadus
  • Joyce Ledingham
  • Nancy Muldowney
  • Lynn Wilcox
  • Cindi Rawlins
  • Elizabeth LeSueur
  • Steve Spears
  • Sue Cansler
  • Deborah Wright
  • Greer Brown
  • Marie Dodd
  • Rayea Pieschel
  • Pam Melton
  • Jackie Turbidy