Kevin Pullen’s love of art began as a child in Plainfield, NJ. His passion was fueled by childhood visits to the nearby art museums in New York City. He has a bachelor of arts degree from Hampton University, where he studied painting, design, drawing, metal sculpture and casting. He went on to earn his art education credentials from Georgia State University and mastered in education leadership and curriculum at the University of West Georgia. Pullen is currently the Artist in Residence at the College of Coastal Georgia and teaches at the Golden Isles Career Academy. 

Pullen likes to depict real life, inspirational people. He paints with a variety of materials but mostly works with acrylics on canvas. He uses plasticine for his sculptures which can later be bronzed. His work is a blend of contemporary themes and classical realism. His influences come from interesting and exciting lives of people past and present and he is largely influenced by history, classical writings and literature as well as religious themes

Kevin is involved in a number of community organizations in coastal Georgia and lives on Saint Simons Island with his wife Laura.