Elizabeth Halderson

Pottery Studio Manager

Elizabeth Hayes Halderson is a ceramic artist living and working on Saint Simons Island. She is currently an instructor and the Pottery Studio Manager for Glynn Visual Arts on Saint Simons Island.

Elizabeth was raised on neighboring St. Catherine’s Island and it was an amazing adventure. Growing up on a small barrier island made her childhood somewhat unusual. When she was old enough, she rode a boat to school. Her days were filled with exploring the marshes, climbing live oaks, chasing wildlife and sometimes fishing. At the end of the day her family would sit around the table telling island stories and eating supper, probably fish caught that day. These tales ranged from the unbelievable to the latest bird sightings.

The stories of coastal Georgia, especially the memories of Elizabeth’s childhood are the inspiration for her art work. She believes that the best stories and most important conversations take place around the table. Her dinnerware is one of a kind, usable, functional dishwasher safe ceramic art. She is happiest when her stories are passed around the table in the form of a bowl or a plate, to be shared with others. Her fun and functional tableware is a reflection of her childhood memories. All of her work is made by hand and no two are ever exactly the same.

Elizabeth creates a sense of place and memory through her use of turtles, flowers and other coastal motifs on her work reflecting her fondness for Georgia's lush coastal flora and fauna. Her hope is that her pottery will inspire users to conserve our beautiful area.